Episode 9 – Tuning in to Your Clients on Social Media

If you think your clients aren’t on social media because you don’t see any posts from them, you might be missing out on a huge opportunity.

Today, Heather Wilson breaks down common misconceptions advisors have about connecting with their clients on social media. Heather also provides you with helpful tips for engaging your clients through your personal Facebook page and becoming a better listener on social media.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why LinkedIn might not be the best place to look when you’re trying to connect with clients
  • The difference between listening and stalking on social media
  • Why you shouldn’t assume your clients aren’t active on social media
  • Who Silver Surfers are and which social media platform they love
  • How you can use Facebook’s list feature to control what your clients see from your account
  • And more!

Join Heather today to learn how you can connect with your clients, including the Silver Surfer generation, on social media!

Resources: Practically Speaking Blog | Heather Wilson’s Twitter | SEI LinkedIn | SEI Facebook  

Tuning-In To Your Clients on Social Blog Post | How Advisors Can Make a Splash with the Silver Surfers (aka Boomers) on Facebook

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